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Petit zigzaton courant dans l'herbe
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La malédiction des dunes

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Une petite série d'images qui correspond à l'event du mois d'avril sur Pokemon Crescent Cavern.

A noter;

- Shiny: Pokémon pouvant porter n'importe quelle couleur, tant que ses marquages/pattern est respecté.
- Variant: Le pokémon peut voir son anatomie, marquages/pattern modifié, les couleurs doivent rester identique que celle du pokémon de base. La seule règle étant que le pokémon doit rester reconnaissable!
- Mixed: Fusion entre plusieurs pokémons (3 au maximum)
- Blend: Ajout de types, un pikachu blend feu deviendra de type Electrique, Feu. Un pokémon peut posséder 4 types au maximum, avec comme règle de garder au moins 1 type de base qu'il possède.
- Exlusive: Les exclusives sont les formes "régionale" propre au groupe.
- B.Moon: Une autre forme exclusive au groupe.


Attention les images sont très grandes.
Il y a du sang sur l'une des images.


Recherche des disparus

Le texte de l'event (en anglais):
L'information suivante est susceptible de révéler quelque chose d'important et de gâcher une surprise
On the farthest west side of the Blue moon crater lies a desert that dips heavily into the unpurified zone of the earth, It's infamous for it's unbearable heat during the day and the hostility it offers even if it were to be purified! This desert existed before the days of the battle before Cresselia and Darkrai, Yet the radiation has made it all the worse in the last few decades. With high cresting hills and billowing landscapes full of sand hiding pitfall traps and quick sand on it's better days.You'd think nobody would dare explore here but there's been rumors, Rumors of trainers and their pokemon going missing here to never be seen again, Sometimes when travelling on the backs of flying type pokemon! The disappearances have been ramping up lately and so, Anyone brave enough to check it out has been given the approval and supplies to go in hopes of finding the missing trainers and their pokemon alive. The search party is heading out at night due to the decreased heat so you have the day to travel there if you decided to volunteer.

Danger en vue

Le texte de l'event (en anglais):
L'information suivante est susceptible de révéler quelque chose d'important et de gâcher une surprise
The desert sprawls long for even the most seasoned traveler, there was urge to rest, to stop. But with it came risk of never finding any of those missing people as every minute of the clocked ticked by, The risk of each tick bringing the foreboding infamous sun that would heat the desert to dangerous temperatures and slow rescue attempts, So rest did not come, Instead volunteers combed the desert that hadn't been explored in many years. Where surely only the oldest, From those of a time before, From those preserved by cresselia would remember what it had been before the world had been up-heaved. Where only remnants rested now, Signs of old buildings poked out of giant sand drifts, maybe a few scattered papers near the beginning, A dusty. Cracked pokeball missing it's bright red top and filled with sand, With no sign of what became of the pokemon within'. It's not until a hill of sand is crested that shocked gasps and muffled cries began to ring out across the desert night, The sand bearing witness to the horrific sight that met those once hopeful faces....


Piles of bones were scattered across the environment, Some were bleached white and crumbling from age but others still clung to clothes, Personal items. Pokemon, Some...may even still carried features that would identify them to loved ones if any dared to go down and look, There had to be thousands if not more. A good few were likely from a far distant path but others, Were simply to fresh to brush off as not being some, if not all of the missing trainers and pokemon that they'd all come looking for. It seemed, Those more sensitive had already started to cry while others stared on in a abject stoic horror, Only one ran ahead and slid down the hill, towards the hollow pit of bones. A older woman who called someone's name frantically to the sea of white, A vain hope that there was someone to bring back. Her cries would tug at heart string, This would seem the end of the journey until she finally kicked a few bones by accident and the entire area seemed to come to life.

The bones shook, The sand rumbled and half of the hill collapsed and shocked people were sent falling into it (Or willingly jumping in at the sight of the creature before them-) as something shrieked a warbled wail of a keen, From far in the distance, The same noise sounded. Yet...Only one of them was really needed, The beast towered over the humans and pokemon who remained above ground, It's mouth was split into four flaps that spread wide to reveal sharp inner teeth. It seemed to be made of sand as only some of it's body was visible, it shrieked in what seemed to be a sharp anger at the presence of the humans, It sent spittle flying with it's cry before it snapped up the woman who'd descended into the pit and she, In a matter of seconds disappeared into a sharp gullet, It's split flapped head turned to the other survivors and in a ear piercing warbling. It seemed content to do the same to them if they didn't fight back.

The culprit of the mass destruction of life has shown itself, It seems to bear no resemblance to any known pokemon in it's current state and only seems angered by the searches expedition into it's territory (And likely the territory of it's entire family-), Two options present themselves, Stay and fight the creature. Avenge the people who have lost to their lives to such a vicious beast, Whether it be personal grief or a lingering guilt for others. Or, Descend into the cavern that opened up, It seems to lead to the broken castle in the near distance. With some luck, Perhaps survivors have taken refuge there and do not share the pit of bones! Make your choice.


Le texte de l'event (en anglais):
L'information suivante est susceptible de révéler quelque chose d'important et de gâcher une surprise
The beast, with it's truth revealed cannot stop the faint stream of tears that drip down it's face, Already some of it evaporates in the rising sun of the new day. It understands the lectures of those who react with anger, But they do not acknowledge them because in the end, They don't understand they never will. They look only to the practical, The logic, Their supposed morals. They do not consider what their own kind has done for such goals, What they continue to do to meet their goals and that is not a place nor' a person that they could ever come to trust again so they are turned away, Ignored until they leave the desert. As for those who look up them with a semblance of mercy, Understanding, How fitting it is that so many of them are ghost types like themselves. Fellow spirits who know of the pain the past can cause, They aren't sure they can truly trust a human again yet...They would like to try, Try with those kind souls with pokemon who vouch for their loyalty, their spirit. They are sure, It'll be hard, But perhaps it'll be worth it, Maybe one day, it could even imagine having...friends, Family of a different kind.
Mon texte qui accompagne l'image (en anglais):
L'information suivante est susceptible de révéler quelque chose d'important et de gâcher une surprise
After fleeing the danger, our two companions landed into the castle undergrounds. This place severely accused the ravages of time, large wooden beams were crackling under the weight of the old structure, the walls and ceiling were crumbling, and sand was sipping slowly inside.

All of this wasn't reassuring, but it was nothing compared to what the team had to face.

Our dear Scheelin, worried to move deeper, tried to reason Rubely.
"I... I do not think this is a good idea... We already managed to escape this strange beast... This place does not inspire confidence, who knows what we could come across... We should turn back!
Rubely curtly cut Scheelin short:
"Our trainer designed us for this mission, we should do our best to go through it, it is not time to head back! Look at you, you are strong, you should not fear this kind of place! Or maybe you want to go back to the feral beast?
In distraught and with nothing to answer back, a long silence followed...
Scheelin was trembling with fear on the spot. To comfort him, Rubely offered to listen to the surrounding sounds to know if there was any danger left. The beast was rumbling in the distance, the other teams certainly engaged in a ferocious fight against it.
They kept listening, minutes after minutes... until they heard whispering in the opposite direction.

Rubely exclaimed:
"I think I heard somebody talking! It might be the missing pokémons!"
He began to run towards the whispers, without waiting for his friend.
Scheelin left alone, was forced to follow his companion in this vast underground maze.

After some time, rubely stopped in front of a door, opened it, and asked his friend to join him.
"The voices are coming from here, join me, fast!"
His weight slowing him down, Scheelin came panting to his friend, amazed by the beauty of the ruins, lighted by a sky well, engraved columns painted in cobalt, pavements shaped in complex geometrical shapes... Everything looked seemingly intact, and the two pokémons could have sat down and guessed for hours to know the forgotten story of this place.

At the center of the room were two shadows, that stepped towards the light in the direction of our two adventurers.

The sun revealed the shadows, showing two familiar faces. Ad Astra and Flocon ran to join our two heroes.

Flocon, happy to be rescued mumbled:
"If this idiot wasn't teleporting anywhere, there's no way I would have ended up in this mess!"
Then, he followed, cheerfully:
"I'm so relieved to have some company, and not to be the only one babysitting this flying ball!"
The team laughed, and all enjoyed this moment to reassure themselves and prepare for the journey back and meet again their trainers.


Réalisé sur Clip Studio paint.
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